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Electronics Recycling

  • Electronics Recycling:  On February 6th, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Central Facilities Recycling Drop-off Site on 13646 E. Ellsworth Ave.  303-739-7173 or  This will be open to Aurora residents and non residents.  All items free except cathode ray tube televisons ($20 each) and cathode ray tube monitors ($10 each).  You cannot recycle these items any cheaper.
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Hello, Aurora!

Today, NANO could be reaching out to the rest of our community though technology. In this, the information age, more Americans have “smart phones” than subscribe to the news paper. Let’s use this technology to pull together as a community. A neighborhood website will be a place to share news, learn some history, and stay connected by viewing the NANO meetings calendar.

Please check out the “Meetings & Events” and “Phone Numbers” pages to see how we could keep our neighborhood informed and connected to vital services.

“Posts” like this one are dated are moved down the page as new posts are made by authorized NANO members.

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17th Place overpass for I-225

17th Place overpass for I-225

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